No. Vessel Market is a listing site for ships. Buyers will need to contact the seller (Ship Broker, Ship Owner or Ship Builder) directly.
No, however premium listings i.e. listings of vessels on the homepage are chargeable. Please contact our customer service for details.
We realize that it can sometimes take a very long time to sell a vessel and so vessel listings can remain on the site for as long as is required. We will at periodic intervals ask you via email, to confirm that your vessel continues to be available for sale.
We are mindful of the tremendous confidentiality that exists in the Ship Broking industry. We are also aware that Ship Brokers are concerned that prospective buyers (or other ship brokers) will try to circumvent them and contact a prospective seller directly. To safeguard against this, It is not mandatory to reveal the name of the vessel for a listing to go live.
Send us an email and our team shall look into whether we can add your vessel type as a separate category / sub category.