About Us

Vessel Market is revolutionizing the future of buying and selling sea vessels by changing the slow, complex and rigid traditional method of selling and purchasing vessels into a simple, fast, flexible (and fun) process.

We are an online marketplace connecting vessel sellers (ship owners, ship brokers, and ship builders) with vessel buyers (individuals, companies, and ship brokers).

Our Mission

We love vessels and are committed to easily connecting buyers and sellers

We believe selling and purchasing vessels should be simple and completely transparent.

We will enable increased cross border transactions.

We will always value our customers and treat them as the captain of our ship.

Sell a Ship

Sell your vessel the way you’ve always wanted. We make selling your vessel easy and convenient by connecting you with a network of qualified buyers once you list your vessel for sale on our site.

  • We Put You In Control

    Vessel Market is an open marketplace that connects you with highly targeted buyers to purchase your vessel. You can ask potential buyers questions upfront or reach out to Customer Support anytime.

  • Receive More Buyer Enquiries

    Offers you receive from buyers are only as accurate as your listing details. Providing clear photographs, detailed descriptions, and a specific selling price in your listing help buyers locate you easily.

Ship Broker Network

Register on our online marketplace as a broker and sell your sea vessel faster. Our expansive marketplace gives you the opportunity to be reached by both local and international prospective buyers.

  • Easy And Free To Set Up Account

    Create your broker account and build your profile on our site. It’s easy and free.

  • Promote Yourself in the Directory

    We provide you with the right tools to promote yourself effectively in our listing directory.

  • Reach More Potential Buyers.

    Never worry again about a marketing or advertising budget to reach a large list of buyers. Once you list your vessel for sale, we connect you with several potential buyers interested in doing business with you.

  • Distribute Your Listings Automatically

    All listings are distributed to target buyers automatically, thereby saving you the stress of manually sending your offers.